Angry Birds Space released for the iPhone

Angry Birds has always been one of my favorite iPhone games. Today a new edition Angry Birds space was released today to the iTunes store. Putting old Angry Birds versions to shame with the introduction of gravity, this release is not merely different levels, it’s a different concept altogether.

Major changes include adding gravity to the mix as well as a couple new birds. With the addition of gravity, the birds you fling rotate according to the pull of the planet. You can fully orbit planets totally changing the physics of the game.

The first new bird is a small blue bird. It will freeze objects that it is near making the eggs easier to break. The other bird is a purple bird which can stop time. You can move him wherever you want when the time is stopped, including a different level.

In my opinion this version of Angry Birds tops the old ones. It adds a level of difficulty to the game that was not there previously. To help with the increasing difficulty there is a red line that predicts the flight path of the bird for you. However, it does not fully calculate for the gravity of the planets.

You can download Angry Birds for the iPhone for $.99. At the moment there is no free version, but hopefully an ad supported one will available in iTunes eventually.