Apple considered a physical keyboard for the iPhone

When you think of the iPhone, you think of a sleek phone that at the time was extremely innovative. However, the iPhone was very close to having a physical QWERTY keyboard instead of the touch screen we’re familiar with today. The final decision was up to Steve Jobs, who ultimately made the correct choice paving the way for the iPhone’s success.

Tony Fadell in an interview with The Verge said that Apple was considering multiple keyboard layouts including a physical keyboard. I don’t think the iPhone would go down as the most successfully sold phone in history if it had a standard physical keyboard.

The multi touch keyboard allowed for many advancements in the smart phone industry. It allowed for a bigger display which gave new uses to smart phones. Things like watching videos and gaming were now easier than ever to accomplish on a cell phone with the display size of an iPhone.

Prior to the iPhone’s touch keyboard, some phones did have keyboards that displayed on the screen. However, these keyboards were awkward to use and more often than not required a stylus or a lot of patience to operate.

One thing is for sure, the iPhone wouldn’t have been nearly as popular if it had a physical keyboard. Keyboards don’t allow for a sleek modern looking phone, which was a huge selling point for Apple. Touch screens allow bigger displays and allow you to use your phone in many more ways.