Apple’s iPhone vs the Blackberry Torch

Many Blackberry customers have been users since it was still one of the most popular smart phones around. However, as Blackberry continues to lose ground to iPhones and Androids, many people are opting to switch to iOS. Many of the latest Blackberry smart phones such as the Torch do not even come close to the software or hardware of the iPhone.


The Blackberry Torch isn’t for users seeking a powerful cell phone. Its modest 1.2 Ghz processor is no match for Apple’s A5 dual core processor line. They both have similar amounts of RAM, but the iPhone’s software is a bit more optimized compared to Blackberry OS. Apple tens to put lots of consideration into the performance of their operating systems in order to make the best out of the memory that is provided. Additionally, the more memory you put in a phone, the more power it consumes.

Operating system

This is the main reason people are migrating away from Blackberry, the operating system is simply not as good as iOS. For many years Blackberry was known for being small personal email machines. It seems that’s pretty much the only thing that the Torch really excels at. Whether it be contact lists, keyboards, or calendars the iPhone has the Torch beat. Blackberry also lacks in the applications department. Many very useful and well known apps are simply not available for Blackberry.


If you’re into physical keyboards, then the Torch is better than an iPhone 4s. Apple does not have any models with physical keyboards available and never will. A keyboard was however an idea that bounced around Apple staff members before the 2007 launch.


Both phones are very secure. If you choose either a Torch, or an iPhone, you won’t have any security related problems. Both Blackberry and Apple have a rigorous approval process when it comes to applications. All applications that can be downloaded from either market are guaranteed to not have any malicious intent.