CarrierCompare: Find which carrier gives the best signal at your current location

CarrierCompare is a unique iPhone application that allows you to see which carrier provides the best signal strength for your current location. The app uses the three main United States cell phone companies for their samples: Sprint, Verizon, and ATT.

In just a few seconds CarrierCompare will give you the data on which cell phone company has the best signal in your current position. It will measure the data in three parts 3g speed, connectivity percentage, and response time.

This application will be useful for helping people decide what carrier to go with next time they sign expensive contracts. You can see which company performs the best in commonly used locations such as at home or at work.

While all cell phone companies do give a map of coverage based on the United States, with this iPhone application you can get detailed information about extremely specific locations. If this app is building a database of results when users run the test, it could prove extremely interesting in the future. If the results are stored you could build a very detailed map on which cell phone companies have the best coverage in certain areas. In the future it might be possible to input coordinates for a specific location and find out what carrier is best in that area. This is definitely a cool application with a lot of potential.