Convert DVDs to play on your iPhone or iPod

Converting your DVDs to your iPhone or iPod’s format is as simple as a few clicks. There are many applications to do so, but very few are perfect. I’ve found HandBrake to be the most efficient program when it comes to encoding and conversions. The best thing about hand brake is it’s free. Not only is it free, but the source code is available for download. Not only does this application work on Windows, but it also functions properly on Mac OS X, and Linux. The only downside to the Windows version is it requires .NET framework. This can be downloaded directly from Microsoft’s website.

Time might also be considered a downside. To convert a single DVD takes hours. However, this isn’t anything new to people familiar with encoding movies; the process is a long one. The overall process can be shortened slightly by using the CLI (command line) version of this software. You can even grab the CLI Windows version!

As for the quality of the DVDs I converted, it was excellent. The video was not jerky in any way, nor was it blurry. The sound matched up with the movie throughout the entire movie, not just the beginning like some players. The entire movie successfully played from start to finish without any errors. In fact, the whole process was rather quick and flawless.