Digitizing your photographs for viewing on an iPhone

If you’re like me and have tons of non-digitalized photographs sitting in albums, then don’t you think it’s time to scan them on your computer? Creating a digital copy allows you to share your pictures on your iPhone, computer, and more. Not only is it convenient, but practical; the photographs can be restored and backed up forever.

Unlike digital photographs taken with iPhones or other cameras, physical pictures degrade over time. They lose color, have red eye problems, and are sometimes cropped funny. Photo scanning services take all the hassle out of digitizing your pictures. A scanning service will scan, fix the color and red eyes, and crop a photograph if needed. Services can scan hundreds to thousands of photos making them compatible with iPhones or other devices.

You can use their photos to CD service to back up your pictures eternally. Never worry about losing your images again. Each image will be backed up on an external hard drive or a CD/DVD.

When you submit your pictures they will go through a vigorous photo scanning process. Each image will be dusted, and scanned using a high quality digital scanner. The color of the photos will be restored, the images cropped and resized, and any defects such as red eyes removed. Your files will then be backed up and sent to you in the mail. You will also get a public or private viewing album so you can share the photos with family or friends.

All of the photo albums are compatible with iPhones. Open up the link to the album on your iPhone and share endless memories with family and friends.