How can the iPhone improve your business?

In June 2007, Apple has entered the wireless phone industry with the introduction of the iPhone: a phone, an iPod and a wireless web communicator. The hype has encouraged great consumer demand and has predicted that the iPhone will eventually infiltrate the corporate world.

With all the technological advancements and gadgets that have been made available in the market, it is advisable to evaluate which tools are equipped with all the right functions and capabilities to help you with your business or your line of work. Here are some of the features of the iPhone that may make you and your business achieve more.

It completely supports call conferencing, call merging and call holding, which are all essential features for any business tool. This would enable you to talk to not just one but a number of clients through call conferencing even when you are on the go conferencing. The iPhone also has caller ID features that will allow you to screen calls so you can choose which calls to accept if you are busy or if you are on a call with another client.

It has a Visual Voicemail feature that permits you to instantly preview the voicemail messages on the screen. There is no need to call the voicemail number to retrieve messages. This would be great to shave off valuable minutes when checking messages.

For Internet connectivity, the iPhone has integrated Wi-Fi. This enables the user to access the Internet using a wireless network and a customized Safari Internet browser. Even if you are at your desk or on a plane on a business trip, you would be able to access your website, check the weather for future business trips, check the dollar exchange rate and other online information relevant to your business.

HTML e-mail messages are supported by the email program of the iPhone. This makes it convenient for you to manage, send and receive e-mail wherever, whenever. Additionally, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and PDF mail attachments can be viewed on it. This would be perfect especially if you have been waiting for that report or that budget plan to be sent to you and the only way you could check your mail is on your iPhone. You would still be able to view them so that if you have to respond to an email or analyze data, you will not have to rush to go back to your PC at your desk.
It is a complete entertainment center to allow you to relax with a song or a video or a movie while on the go or during a business meeting break.

The device is only five ounces which makes it very portable to be able to carry it around anywhere you go. Definitely smaller and lighter than a laptop, and almost as functional.

It functions similar to a hand-held computer and allows you to copy and keep your contact information from clients and other companies and also import and export information to and from your PC. Aside from its ability to be hooked up to a computer for data and file transfer, it can also be connected for automatic synchronization.

The Apple iPhone can surely help your business in more ways than one. It offers a convenient and functional way for business owners and employees to communicate, manage data and reports, which will eventually lead to being able to provide customers with excellent service and products, and ultimately higher profits and bigger company growth.