iPhone Applications

The iPhone is a unique phone in the fact that it has its own SDK Platform. This allows third party developers (even Microsoft) to develop applications that work seemingly and utilize the iPhone’s true power. A newly released application by Microsoft allows to to look at and manipulate high quality and resolution photos right on your iPhone. On a normal phone without accelerated graphics, it would lag and the transitions wouldn’t be so smooth. As a demonstration the team demoed at image which appeared to be kids playing at a park. When enhanced with Seadragon it eventually becomes clear that the image is made of used pop cans. Even more amazing is the fact that even at that zoomed level, the pop cans are still clear.

Apple has been using iPhone applications a lot in the marketing of their new iPhone. For instance a series of commercials have came out displaying rather usual features that can be done with the iPhone’s available SDK kit. Apple has been featuring one of their popular applications called Listen. It allows the iPhone to “listen” to outside noise such as the radio or computer and attempt to determine the artist and track that is being played. While this does sound far fetched, it’s soon becoming a reality.

As the iPhone gets more popular, more applications will slowly be added, making it more and more like a PC. For instance, it’s already know that you can check your email or browse the web on the iPhone. However, a new application is out so you can still keep track of your RSS feeds on your favorite site. “POP take out” is an application that allows you to read news feeds on Digg, Reddit, del.icio.us, and more.

With the shear amount of applications, the iPhone’s potential is basically limitless. People have improved features like the calculator, modified the browser to make certain sites work better, made it easier to read news, and even easier to keep in touch with other on social networks.

Owning a device like the iPhone eliminates much of the use of buying a newspaper. You can read your horoscope, check the weather, and read the news right from your mobile phone. With their gas application you can find the cheapest gas around you, no matter where you are. All you need to do is enter the zip code of the current location.

The amount of games on the iPhone is ridiculous. Along with the few it came with, hundreds have been invented. From simple puzzle games, to shooting games, the iPhone will not displease in this area. Don’t worry if you’re older, you can still own the classic games like Snake and even Scrabble.

The development for iPhone applications is absolutely endless. As long as the hardware continues to maintain its power, there will always be a user base ready to develop the latest technology for it. Not to mention the developers get paid when people buy their application, so it’s a win win situation.