iPhone Automatic Form Filling

Automatically filling in forms is a basic feature on many desktop browsers. However, it’s relatively new to the iPhone world. Software called 1Password will remember what data you enter in web forms, as well as your user and passwords. You’re allowed to create multiple profiles, thus preventing other people from looking at your data. Since 1Password has been created for Mac Os X and the Treo, you’re able to import your passwords from a wide variety of browsers such as Camino, Safari, and Firefox.

An obvious advantage to 1Password is to prevent phishing and keylogging. When a website is loaded, your password should automatically be entered in it. Websites you trust such as paypal will have your password and user pre-filled in. Form filler will of course not enter your password in for the fictitious website. That should be enough to clue users in that the website isn’t legitimate. Key loggers rely on users entering in data via the keyboard. Since nothing is typed each time you load a website, your passwords remain secured.

Since you don’t have to remember the password, it might as well be as secure as possible right? 1Password generates extremely secure and random passwords. The passwords can be over 60 characters, consisting of upper and lower case letters. It’s not practical to think that anyone can crack such a large password.

Not only does 1Password remember passwords, but it can also remember any data submitted to a form. If you have redundant data entry jobs to do, this software has the ability to remember specific information. Entering your information on multiple forms has never been so easy to do. If you often order things online you can have it remember details such as your email, name, and address. Remember, there are multiple profiles, so your data is still secure.