iPhone Gameboy theme and case

Anyone who grew up playing a Gameboy will appreciate these two items for their nostalgic value. The first thing is a Gameboy iPhone theme made to give your iPhone that sweet green and black pixelated look we’re used to. The second is a Gameboy iPhone case for just a few dollars.

Amazon is selling a Gameboy iPhone case for only $3 shipped. It will fit iPhone 4g models only. You have access to volume toggle, headphones, and power button while the case is in place. Shock cover proof cover is designed to keep your phone safe from drops and dings.

The next cool theme is a Gameboy like theme for your iPhone that looks extremely realistic. For those trying to get the classic pixelated (some say ugly) look of 15 years ago, check out this theme. Icons for Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter are included in this awesome theme package. As far as iPhone themes go this one is pretty unique.