iPhone Opinions and Reviews

Having an iPhone is like having a little bit of everything you need in one place. Granted, you’re not going to get the best results out of every feature it has, but no other gadget offers the flexibility the iPhone does without severely neglecting something. While you can certainly get a much larger iPod to store your music, I rarely find myself capable of filling that 8gb with music that I’ll actually listen to. It has an impressive screen, bigger than any other iPod available, so watching videos on it is quite the experience. Considering those two features alone on top of it being a phone, you’ll find yourself listening to a lot more music or watching movie videos in your down time.

The ability to switch between highspeed WiFi or battery saving EDGE allow you to view YouTube videos, access the built in Map Application (which can now triangulate your location using surrounding cell towers), and utilize the Safari Browser. While load full sites may take some time on EDGE, many popular sites have made iPhone versions to take advantage of the unique touch screen interface and web development kit.

While as a business device handling e-mail and viewing documents may not be fully optimized yet, I highly doubt that your IT department would even configure your mail servers for your iPhone. In the months to come, especially with the SDK launching soon, the iPhone will be drastically improved thanks to third party applications and Apple’s desire to stay ahead of the curb with its technology. As it stands right now it offers a little bit of everything for the gadget freak on the go. While your work Blackberry might be more functional for the office, the iPhone is exactly what an individual needs. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone isn’t for everyone, but it truly is an exceptional piece of technology that makes your pocket or purse a little lighter due to both the cost and the lack of extra devices you’ll be carrying.