iPhone Screen Bubbling

Bubbling under the screen of the iPhone is an increasing problem and is acknowledged by Apple. A significant amount of iPhone users are reporting as many as 5 small bubbles under their screen. These pin like bubbles are merely a small inconvenience rather than a total flaw. This of course isn’t an isolated incident and is being reported by many users on the Apple forums. Apple store employees confirm that many customers are experiencing this unexplained bubbling. At this point Apple does not have an official cause for problem, or do they have a solution. Like expected Apple is replacing all phones found to have this defect. Simply call or visit your nearest Apple store and they will exchange it no questions asked.

Poor screen quality isn’t a first for Apple. Early adopters of the iPod were faced with deep scratches or gouges on their highly praised tech device. The iPod Nano took the market by storm however, still faced many screen issues. Some nano users were reporting blurry images due to deep scratching. In some cases the screens completely cracked.

Whatever the case is, it appears that the overall quality of the iPhone screen is significantly better than its predecessors. I personally would rather tiny bubbles than a cracked, scratched and virtually unusable screen. The bubbles look like small flecks of dirt, or a burnt out pixel on an LCD monitor.