iPhone tether.com review

iPhone tether.com reviewI finally got around to using tether.com’s service for the iPhone and it’s pretty cool. Aside from the fact that you should be able to download tethering apps from the market, I will say this service is definitely a must have for people who wish to tether. It works well and is easy to use even for average users.

The good

The best thing about this tether service is that it’s easy to use and setup. There are not a lot of settings that need to be changed on your iPhone and all you have to do on your Windows PC is literally open a program.

The speed of the tethering was pretty good but could use improvement. All of your traffic is going through a tether.com proxy server of some sort. This means the data goes from 3g -> your phone -> tether.com -> your computer. Obviously you’re not going to get extremely fast speeds, but it was more than acceptable for web browsing.

The cost to setup as of now is only $15 per year. After that year is up they’re going to start charging $30. I feel that’s a pretty reasonable price considering the amount of bandwidth you have the potential to use on their servers.

The bad

The bad parts of the tether service are not tether.com’s fault, but the iPhone’s fault. When you shut off the screen of the iPhone you can no longer get internet connectivity to it. You also have to keep Safari open the entire time with the screen open. This means you can’t use the phone while you’re using the internet on your computer.

Another thing I dislike is that it only works for Windows PCs and Macs and does not have tablet support. Currently the client side software is only available for Windows PCs with .NET framework installed. If they had Android and iPad support I think their service would see a lot more users.

Setup and installation

Setting up the tethering on the iPhone is a pretty simple task. Download and install the software on your PC. Create network name and password. On your iPhone, set the auto lock on your screen to never. Next, connect your iPhone’s wifi to the SSID you made on your computer. Lastly, open the Safari web browser to tether.com/web and login. It will automatically redirect to the SSL version of the website so all your traffic is encrypted. It should then automatically connect to a proxy and then to your computer. No other steps are needed, you should now have internet on your computer!