My top paid and free iPhone apps

Out of all the millions of iPhone applications that are out there, which ones are the best? Be it games, or useful tools, here is my list of paid and free iPhone apps.

VLC remote

This is easily one of the most convenient applications for me. I watch a lot of TV series on my computer and stream them to my TV. Getting up to pause, adjust the volume, or start a new episode can be a pain. This allows you to control VLC on your PC from your iOS device.


Peel is an awesome free app, allowing you to view your channel guide in an easy to view format. Instead of reading what’s on, it displays images of the TV shows. You can sort TV shows by category, and Peel will even suggest TV shows your age group might like. On Android based devices, Peel can be used as a universal remote. Using an Android devices IR sensor, peel will control your TV, DVR, Bluray, and sound system!

uTorrent remote

uTorrent remote lets you control the currently active torrents on your PC. You can pause, start, or view the status of current downloads. You can even start up new torrents.

Temple run

This addictive app is one of my favorite games to play on the iPhone. You have to duck, jump over, and turn through a course at blistering speed. Tilt your iPhone left or right to collect coins as you move on. You can collect bonuses such as invisibility and magnets to attract all the coins. Easily one of the best iPhone games I’ve tried.

Angry Birds space

Angry Birds space is a huge improvement on the Angry Birds game series. You now have to compensate for gravitational pull of sometimes multiple planets. They’ve also added a few new bird types to change up the mix a little. Only problem is I’ve beat the game already and need more levels!


Where would this list be without Pandora? Pandora is an internet radio app that lets you stream music from different music genres. Create a user and have Pandora’s algorithm choose music that’s similar in melody, speed, and many different factors – all to pick the perfect songs for you.