Should I buy an iPhone or an Android?

Arguing over which smart phone is better is a pretty moot point these days. Whether it be an iPhone or an Android, both are the right phone depending on your needs. What are your main concerns when buying a smart phone? Is it price, are you tech savvy, do you want more control over your phone? These are all things to consider when picking out which phone is the right one for you.

Without a doubt Android phones have an advantage in price. Since there’s only one iPhone and there’s tons of companies using Android OS, there will be varying price. The iPhones hardware is pretty solid, but there are Android phones with superior hardware as well as lower quality. An iPhone will run around $300, so if your budget allows for that I suggest an iPhone.

The ability to have full control over your phone is an important part in a smart phone purchase. Androids allow you to play many movie extensions unlike the iPhone which only allows specific ones. Apple will only allow you to download apps that have been screened by employees before downloading. This is a good and bad thing. Bad in the fact that you can’t have awesome applications like tethering apps because they’re not allowed by Apple staff. If using your phones internet on your tablet or PC is a priority for you, you’ll definitely need to buy an Android. The good part of this situation is that there is no malware on iPhones. A common complaint on Android phones is that you can download fake apps and apps with viruses in them from the market. Obviously with freedom come responsibilities. This is why if you’re not tech savvy I recommend an iPhone. Bottom line is if you want low level customization, you’re going to need an Android.

If you’re not savvy enough to understand security and protect yourself against online threats, you should choose an iPhone. Like I said above, Android’s have their share of malware to be downloaded. However there are ways to protect yourself which include downloading proper antivirus software and checking the permissions apps request before installation.

Applications are not a big concern for smart phone users like tablet users. For a long time, Apple dominated the apps market and had millions of applications leaving Androids in the dust. As of lately Androids have definitely caught up and are now neck in neck in the apps arena. Usually if you want an app to do something there will be one available for both platforms. However, on average iOS does have more paid apps.

If battery life is important to you, there’s no question what you should buy. Android’s have terrible battery life because of their ability to multitask and because of free applications downloading advertisements. Apple not only has better battery life but also controls apps so they don’t train the battery as fast. However, it is possible with software updates that Android OS phones will get a better battery life. The problem is in the software, not the phone hardware.

The decision to buy an iPhone or an Android is not a cut and dry issue. For some people one or the other is clearly the best choice. It all comes down to personal preference and what you’re going to be using the smart phone for. Each has its positives and each has its negatives. If you’re an advanced user who wants to get a little more out of your phone, an Android is probably the best bet. If you’re a simple user that just wants to use phone, social networking, and text messages, then the iPhone is probably your best bet.