Surviving on Unemployment

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

When I lost my job last year, my internet connection was one of the firs things to go. In order to survive on unemployment and stay in my own place I had to cut out a lot of things I was used to having. I figured that I could get free internet at the café down the street from my apartment, so it wouldn’t be such a big deal to do without it at home. At first it was hard, but then I got used to it. It was easier to do without internet than it was to stop going out to dinner with freinds and taking vacations. I tried to return emails ad pay bills at my mom’s house, and I learned to live with it. I started working full time again last month, and I am so excited to finally get my internet connected again, and get my life back to normal. I went to to find a good deal and get connected. I am elated that this tough period in my life is finally over, and that I have a long awaited sense of stability.