Tether on your iPhone without a Jailbreak

Apple has been adamant about not allowing unsupported tethering to occur on the iPhone. Unless you were one of the lucky ones to download the iTether app that slipped onto the Apple store or you jailbroke your phone there was no way until now to tether from your iPhone to your PC. However, with Safari’s support of HTML5 it is now possible to use your 3g data connection on your PC.

It’s seems very easy to use, simply install the tether.com software on your computer and follow the instructions to create an ad hoc network. On your iPhone go into settings and change your wireless network to the ad hoc network you created on your PC. Next, just open up your browser and go to tether.com’s website and login.

There are a couple of obvious downsides to this method of tethering. Obviously the price, for the next week you can subscribe to the service for $15/year and $30/year thereafter. Aside from the price you need client side software for this service to work. This means you need an application that is currently available for PCs only. So you can’t tether from an iPhone to a tablet as of yet. Hopefully the client side software is developed for more platforms in the future. I would also question how fast the data transfers. Since it’s using an HTML5 app the data is going through 3rd party servers which will inevitably slow it down.

I think it’s worth keeping an eye out on this application. If they do happen to develop an application for the iPad or android tablets it will definitely be worth the money. Looking at their website they’re exploring the possibilities of doing just that.