Top iPhone physics games

Out of all the types of iPhone games physics games are my favorite ones. Physics games use motion and gravity to emulate the motion of what an item would do if actually moving.

Typically these games require problem solving and strategy. Popular physics games such as Angry Birds allow you to estimate the trajectory of a falling object in order to hit objects at their weakest point. With that said, here is a list of my favorite and free mobile games.


XConstruct gives you an allotted number of support beams (and in higher levels cables) to build a sturdy bridge. The end result is to build a well-made bridge that a train can cross over without it collapsing. The only problem I have with this game is there aren’t enough levels in either the paid version or the free version.

Cut the rope

Cut the rope is a pretty uniquely designed iPhone game. A weight is attached to a series of ropes and suspended in midair. You have to cut the correct ropes at the right time while the weight has the right momentum in order for it to fall in the correct place.

Blow up

Another cool physics iPhone game is Blow up. You have to carefully place sticks of dynamite on support beams of a wooden structure. The whole structure has to fall below a certain level in order to succeed. You can time charges to go off at different times in order to achieve the level bonus which is making a panda fall on top of a star placed somewhere on the lower part of the map.


This is a cool game that has new features almost every level so the game never gets old. The end goal is to get a ball in a blue basket. Sounds easy right? Well you have to position boards, strings with motors attached to them, and all types of other gadgets to make it roll into the basket. This game requires the most strategy out of all games I’ve played.

Paper Toss

This simple yet effective game is pretty fun. You have to throw a paper ball into the waste basket from different distances. The catch is a fan is blowing at varying speeds every toss making you correct how much you accommodate for the wind each time. This iPhone game will make you try and beat your old record all day.