Use Dropbox to backup iPhone data

Since the iPhone does not come with a Micro SD card, there’s no other place to store data except your internal memory. Let’s face it, mobile phones get damaged, lost, or stolen. It’s important you backup your iPhone’s data regularly in order to prevent lost memories.

One of the easiest data storage systems to use is cloud storage. This allows you to upload data from your mobile phone onto a remote server. Using cloud storage is a safe option because only you have access to your data. Any cloud storage service will have redundant backup of all their files, so it’s nearly impossible for your data to be lost.

The best option when it comes to cloud storage is Dropbox. I like Dropbox because it’s free and has both iPhone and PC apps. They even have an easy to use interface online that allows you to upload, download, and edit files from any computer. After registering for Dropbox, install the iPhone application. The app will allow you to drag and drop your files onto the cloud storage from your phone or PC. This also makes it extremely easy to transfer files from your iPhone to your PC or vice versa. Put away that data cable, anyone with high speed internet should be using Dropbox.