What to do with an iPad cracked screen

We all dread dropping our iPads looking down only to see the screen cracked and broken. Most of the time a solid case will protect against the screen breaking and cracking, but it does happen. Don’t worry though to fix the screen of your iPad is actually not as much money as you would think it would be.

If you’re text savvy and have the courage to replace the iPad’s touch screen yourself, it’s a fairly cheap process. For only $45.99 you can get the iPad 2 digitizer sent to your door. If you want to get it sent in for repair, there are services for as little as $139.99 who will send a repair box with prepaid shipping to your door. This covers all postage to and from, shipping and handling as well as labor and parts.

If you wish to fix the screen yourself, it’s actually not as difficult as it sounds. The iPad’s screen protector is glued to the main body. With a putty knife start in the bottom right corner and carefully peel away the lid from the body. Work from left to right making sure to avoid breaking the wireless antenna. Once the screen is removed, there are four Phillips screws that secure the LCD panel in place. Once the screws are removed, disconnect the ribbon that connects the digitizer to the main board.

It’s always important to check if your iPad is under warranty before proceeding with this repair. However, most of the time if the damage was user inflicted (meaning dropped), Apple will not cover it. It’s important to note that any attempt to fix the device yourself will void any remaining warranty you have on your iPad. However, Apple will not allow you many options in the repairing of your screen. They will offer a trade in price, or extremely outrageous repair costs.